Michael Dowd

Michael  Dowd


  • Chemical Engineer Agriculture Research Service

Contact Information

Southern Regional Research Center
1100 Robert E. Lee Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70124



    Iowa State University, PhD., Chemical Engineering
    Iowa State University, M.S., Chemical Engineering
    Clarkson College, BS, Chemical Engineering

Awards & Honors

    USDA Employee Recognition and Remembrance Award (for helping with post-Katrina re- organization of SRRC programs) (2005-2006).
    Certificate of Merit, Mid-South Area, ARS, USDA (2004) ($3000 award).
    Professional Progress in Engineering Award, College of Engineering, Iowa State Univ. (1999)
    SRRC Outstanding Scientist, Employee of the Year Award (1998) ($1000 award)
    Horace S. Isbell Award, Carbohydrate Division, American Chemical Society (1998) ($1000 award)