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Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Sustainable Bioproducts is to enhance the intellectual, cultural, social, and professional development of its students by providing them with knowledge and skills needed to utilize and conserve diverse forest resources effectively.

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Forest Products Industry

The forest products industry is one of the largest economic contributors to Mississippi, as well as in the United States. Employment in the furniture, lumber, wood products, composites, and paper sectors of the economy far exceeds the employment of any other manufacturing sector in the state.

While the industry is very large in terms of employment, value-added processing facilities number only a few thousand nationwide and a few hundred in Mississippi. Sustainable Bioproducts students are in demand with relatively high starting salaries and excellent opportunities for advancement. Currently, sustainable bioproducts students receive up to two job offers after graduation.

Our History

The Department of Sustainable Bioproducts began in 1964 as the Forest Products Utilization Laboratory as authorized by the Mississippi Legislature. The laboratory was established to provide research and technical assistance for the secondary wood manufacturing industry in the state.

In 1967, the Department of Wood Science and Technology was established and approved to offer master's degrees. The approval to offer bachelor's degrees in wood science and technology was approved in 1975. The Furniture Research Unit was created in 1987 to support the burgeoning furniture industry in Mississippi, the number one producer of motion furniture. In 1989, the Department of Wood Science and Technology was changed to the Department of Forest Products. Most recently, in 2013, the department name changed to the Department of Sustainable Bioproducts to reflect the renewable, natural and sustainable resources used in the industry.

Throughout the history of sustainable bioproducts, the department's mission has remained to discover new knowledge on the properties and uses of wood and the conversion methods used to convert timber to wood-based materials that are useful to society.

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Forest Products Laboratory

The R.T. Clapp Forest Products Laboratory is comprised of laboratories, office buildings and other special-purpose buildings with a combined floor space of more than 90,000 square feet. These buildings house the analytical and testing equipment, pilot plants and support facilities required for comprehensive research programs involving wood and wood products. The Forest Products Laboratory is a unit of MSU’s Forest and Wildlife Research Center.

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Franklin Furniture Center

The Franklin Center is a 35,500 square foot furniture research facility that supports a comprehensive furniture research, testing and technical assistance program. The Center houses the Franklin Furniture Institute. A key function of the facility is to display and demonstrate the programs and outcomes of all units within the Institute and to showcase the furniture industry in Mississippi. The Franklin Furniture Institute is a unit of MSU's Forest and Wildlife Research Center.

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