Dr. Laya Khademibami

Dr. Laya  Khademibami


  • Assistant Research Professor

Contact Information

Office: 662-325-1644
226 Franklin Center



  • Mississippi State University, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Forest Resources
  • Tarbiat Modares University, Master of Science (M.S.), Wood and Paper Sciences and Technology
  • University of Tehran, Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Wood and Paper Sciences and Technology

Research Interests

Evaluation and standards testing of lumber and forest product
Mechanics of wood and wood products
Engineered wood products
Wood deterioration and wood preservation
Durability of mass timber products
Natural wood preservatives
Fire retardant examination



Year Publications

Khademibami, L., Shmulsky, R., Senalik, C., Seale, R. D., Ross, R., Mohammadabadi, M., Ward, K., Williamson, T. 2023. Flexural testing of structural insulated panels before and after creep testing. Bioresources 18(2):3319-3327.


Pradhan, S., Mohammadabadi, M., Entsminger, E. D., Ragon, K., Khademibami, L., Street, J. T. 2023. Development of a High-Performance Building Material Using Wood-Based Corrugated Panels Manufactured via Cold-Forming Technique. BioResources 18(3):4666-4675.


Khademibami, L., Ward, K., Seale, R. D., Shmulsky, R., Ratcliff, J. 2023. Flexural properties of 3-ply bolt laminated pine mats. Forest Products Journal 73(2):171-174.


Khademibami, L., Bobadilha, G. 2022. Recent developments studies on wood protection research in academia: A review. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change


Khademibami, L., Shmulsky, R., Snow, D., Sherrington, A., Montague, I., Ross, R. J., Wang, X. 2022. Wear resistance and hardness assessment of five US hardwoods for bridge decking and truck flooring. Forest Products Journal 72(s1):8-13.


Snow, D., Khademibami, L., Sherrington, A., Shmulsky, R., Montague, I., Ross, ., Wang, X. 2022. Effect of thermomechanical densification treatment on abrasion resistance of five US hardwoods. Forest Products Journal 72(3):175-179.


Shmulsky, R., Khademibami, L., Senalik, C., Seale, R., Ross, R. 2022. The influence of foam discontinuity in the shear zone of structural insulated panel beams. Wood and Fiber Science 54(3):187-195.


Khademibami, L., Shmulsky, R. 2022. End of service life disposal of preserved wood utility poles. North American Wood Pole Council-Technical Bulletin 22(E303).


Khademibami, L., Sherrington, A., Shmulsky, R., Quin, F. 2021. Determination of flexural strength of structural red and white oak and hardwood composite lumber. Forest Products Journal 71(4):401-406.


Khademibami, L., Barnes, H., Jeremic, D., Shmulsky, R., Bourne, K., Fatemi, S. A. 2020. Antifungal activity and fire resistance properties of nano-chitosan treated wood. BioResources 15(3):5926-5939.


Khademibami, L., Jeremic Nikolic, D., Shmulsky, R., Barnes, H. 2020. Chitosan oligomers and related nanoparticles as environmentally friendly wood preservatives. BioResources 15(2):2800-2817.


Graduate Students

  • Sona Azad
  • Abigael Laisa

Awards & Honors

  • Honor Society for Forestry and Natural Resources
    Forestry and Natural Resources Society
  • Fellowship Award
    American Wood Protection Association (AWPA)
  • Scholarship International Convention (IC)
    Forest Product Society (FPS)
  • Student Poster Competition
    Dept. of Sustainable Bioproducts, Mississippi State University
  • Ron Cockcroft Award (RCA)
    International Research Group on Wood Protection (IRG)

Society Memberships

  • Railway Tie Association (RTA)
  • Southern Pressure Treaters Association (SPTA)
  • International Honor Society for Forestry and Natural Resources-Xi Sigma Pi
  • American Wood Protection Association (AWPA)
  • Society of Wood Science and Technology (SWST)
  • Forest Product Society (FPS)
  • International Research Group on Wood Protection (IRG)